Sales Director On Trade
Karlovarské minerální vody, a.s.

  1. What do you deal with in the company? What is you role?
    I joined the company in 2011 to the position of Field Sales Manager OFF trade. After 5 years I was promoted to the position of the Sales Director On Trade and my goal is now to lead a team of Sales Representatives, Area Sales Managers and Key Account Managers for the sales channels Horeca and Impulse. Each of them is doing a lot of hard work for our customers. They main focus on selling more and more of our products. My role is to manage and develop the team, negotiate with top customers, generate goals as well as invent and implement new projects that will ensure higher sales.

  2. What was your strongest experience in our company?
    In collaboration with other colleagues, it was clearly the establishment of selling departments that sell all our brands on the Czech market. It was a lot of interesting project work, designs, approvals, and planning resulting in establishment of two fully functioning departments (for traditional and modern market, as we call them) with a range of products of all our companies. This has led to greater efficiency of the sales department, and at the same time our Sales Representatives have become much more important partners for our customers, which resulted in better sales.
  3. What do you think is the difference between our company and other companies that you encountered?
    The difference is that we are flexible and quick in taking decisions. This speed is possible because the highest link of the hierarchy is the owner of the company and also its CEO in one person. We can avoid lengthy approving procedures abroad, as it is usual in large multinational corporations. A good example is the approval of a major investment for the traditional market in the form of drink zones. This project has helped us very quickly to improve the culture of buying soft drinks and especially to strengthen our position on the traditional market.
  4. What would you recommend to candidates who intend to deal with the similar field or position?
    I certainly would wish them enthusiasm, loyalty, persistence, creativity, drive and will to be the best. One needs to learn from each failure and make it to a success. Only this way a man can rise from the position of a Sales Representative (merchandiser) up to the position of a Sales Director On Trade as I managed to do. I could persuade myself that nothing is impossible.